Now that the "table" is complete we still need a way to capture all of the video. Since we are building a CCTV system is only made since to use a security DVR recorder.  These are typically sold as 4, 8, or 16 camera units.  Like we said above the price difference between the 8 and the 16 was something we considered and decided to go ahead with the 16.  This extra cost allowed for the 9th camera to be added to the table but also allows for additional "external" cameras to be added later.



As you may have already guessed we used baluns to convert the two wire cat5 wiring back to the BNC connection at the back of the DVR.  This however made for a very sloppy and somewhat concerning situation.  IF we just used this "as is" the wires would be prone to breaking.  Note; we made short cat5 cables with a keystone connector to complete the circuit from the table. (see below) We did test the sytem at this point and knew we were doing well!


We played around with many options to protect the baluns and wiring but decided to build an enclosure (read as box) that would house the entire DVR.  The box also will house the colour coded cat5 cables (that attach the table to the DVR) the power supplies (1 for the DVR, 1 for the table), the mouse, video adapter (VGA to DVI) and paperwork (DVR instructions and out written instructions)  The image below shows the cabling and our first thought on a mouse/keyboard.