Federal Reserve Note - Series 1928

 U.S. Treasurer: Julian  Order Added to Collection: 68
 Secretary of the Treasury: Morgenthau  Front Plate: L50
 Terms of Office: 1/34-7/45  Back Plate: 1338
 Delivery Date Start: 11/02/34  Serial Number: G21566604A
 Delivery Date End: ???
 Notes: Dark Green Seal MULE, Micro face with Macro back plate
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USN 1928 Front


USN 1928 Back

Light Green Seals (LGS) and Dark Green Seals (DGS) are determined by serial numbers.
Macro back plate numbers 939 and higher, includes #637.  Back plate #637 non-mule DGS varieties are known on B, D, E, and J districts. These back plate 637 varieties command substantial premiums with only sevel speci. These are series 1934 notes with larger back numbers and are 1934 faces on 1934A backs.

 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Treasurer  William Alexander Julian  6/1/1933 - 5/29/1949 tate
 Secretary  Henry Morgenthau  1/1/1934 - 7/22/1945 mellon