Federal Reserve Note - Series 1981

 U.S. Treasurer: Buchanan  Order Added to Collection: 105
 Secretary of the Treasury: Regan  Front Plate: C36
 Terms of Office: 3/81-7/83  Back Plate: 325
 Delivery Date Start: ???  Serial Number: G00743878A
 Delivery Date End: ???
 Notes: Solvent Smear on front
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USN 1928 Front


USN 1928 Back

 The designation “solvent smear” is a misnomer. It belies the true cause, as the error actually represents heavily diluted ink-not solvent - which smears. The mistake occurs when an excessive amount of the solvent solution reaches the printing plate.

Bart, Dr. Frederick J.. United States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog and Price Guide

 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Treasurer  Angela Marie Buchanan  3/17/1981 - 7/5/1983 tate
 Secretary  Donald Thomas Regan  1/22/1981 - 2/1/1985 mellon