Federal Reserve Bank Note - Series 1929

 Governor: Martin  Order Added to Collection: 85
 Controller: Haill  Front Plate: G189
 Terms of Office: ???  Back Plate: 248
 Delivery Date Start: 03/11/33  Serial Number: H00085933A
 Delivery Date End: 01/11/34
 Notes: FRBN were issued by the Federal Reserve Banks as a way to relieve the depression. RAREST FRBN IN COLLECTION
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USN 1928 Front


USN 1928 Back

Federal Reserve Bank Notes were printed on National Currency and Silver Certificate stock.  The Bank President and Casier where often blacked out.

 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Controller  A. H. Haill  ??? tate
 Governor  William McChesney Martin  ??? mellon
 Register  Edward Everett Jones  1/22/1929 - 5/31/1933 jones
 Treasurer  Walter Orr Woods  1/18/1929 - 5/31/1933 woods