United States Note - Series 1928

 U.S. Treasurer: Julian  Order Added to Collection: 114
 Secretary of the Treasury: Snyder  Front Plate: L579
 Terms of Office: 7/46-5/49  Back Plate: 637
 Delivery Date Start: 9/20/46  Serial Number: H27963852A
 Delivery Date End: ???
 Notes: Late Finish Plate (see below). 
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USN 1928 Front

USN 1928 Back

Backplate 637 entered routine service producing sheets on June 23, 1945, and supplied a steady stream of sheets until June 2, 1949. During that time those sheets were mated with a host of $5 silver certificates, legal tender, and federal reserve note faces to create a plethora of rare varieties. - www.papermoneyproject.com


 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Treasurer  William Alexander Julian  6/1/1933 - 5/29/1949 tate
 Secretary  John Wesley Snyder  7/25/1946 - 1/20/1953 mellon