United States Note - Series 1963

 U.S. Treasurer: Granahan  Order Added to Collection: 106
 Secretary of the Treasury: Dillon  Front Plate: C7
 Terms of Office: 1/63-3/65  Back Plate: 4
 Delivery Date Start: 09/16/64  Serial Number: none (which is the actual error)
 Delivery Date End: 07/15/65
 Notes: Missing 3rd print  (see below)
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USN 1928 Front


USN 1928 Back

Note: Upon closer examination it appears that this bill has been manipulated to removed the red ink.  Damaging a bill never increases it value.  I was actually burned on this purchase as the bill was not examined upon receipt.


 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Treasurer  Kathryn O'Hay Granahan  1/3/1963 - 11/22/1966 tate
 Secretary  Clarence Douglas Dillon  1/21/1961 - 4/1/1965 mellon