For reference.
TPO = The Previous Owner
NOS = New Old Stock (or New On Shelf)

Unlike previous post you get two options - short version and long version.

[short version]
As part of the items needed before we feel the vehicle is "road worthy", AKA can be driven with some level of mechanical reliability, these have been on the list for some time.

  • tie rods seals needed replaced - win
  • ordered seals - win
  • can't get seals on ends - fail
  • messed up threads on removal - fail
  • repaired threads - fail
  • ordered new ends - win
  • replaced - meh!

[Long version]
Much like other non-engine or transmission related parts of the car TPO simply did not address any issues relating to the tie rods. The first time we removed the tires we added these to the list of items needing attention. (side note: Left Hand Lug Nuts - really!!)

Removing the front tires revealed the issues.


Our first thought, wrongly, was to replace just the tie-rod seals which we found out are actually leather. (wow)


We removed the tie-rods and just about destroyed the threads in the process. We watched videos and read a fair amount and by all accounts putting on the castle nut upsidedown and hitting it with a hammer is a time honored way of removing them. After "repairing" the threads...(We actually rented an entire thread repair kit from O'Reilly's Auto)


... and attempting to re-install them we found the ends were just not worth the effort. As such, we ordered up a new pair of ends. Of course they came with NOS seals and we basically gave away the money for the seals purchased prior.

Amazingly once you have new (NOS) parts the installation goes MUCH easier.

[Project Completed]
This was actually a simple replacement once we got the originals off the vehicle. What we learned was our first instinct was correct. Just replace the entire part. This would have saved only $17 (NOS seals) but a large amount of frustration. In the end we feel like the steering is more reliable which was the point. This was completed 6 days before the NON-OP registration converted to OPERATIONAL so the timing was not an issue.