OK, this counts as fabrication because... " bracket".

Have you ever over thought something? Something that didn't need thinking about to begin with? Ya, us too...

So we had to jump start the ChevyBaker one day, a while ago, and it bugged us. It really really bothered us. So we did the correct thing and bought a trickle charger. It is small, inexpensive, and we were able to route the wiring to repurpose the fuel door since we previously modified the fuel fill. We can simply open the fuel door, pull out the charger and plug it in to an extension cord.

Charger1 Charger2


But it did not stop there. We went that next step and added a remote disconnect as a sort of "security measure". Now when we exit the vehicle we can remotely disconnect the battery on the negative side.

Disconnect2 Disconnect3

Additionally, the disconnect has a voltage display.